Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I order?
You may purchase your JAMU by Dana Safia through our website

From what age can JAMU by Dana Safia be consumed? 
We strongly recommend consuming JAMU by Dana Safia from puberty onwards. 

What are the ingredients?
JAMU by Dana Safia is full of healthy goodness and we ensure our ingredients are high quality and authentic, carefully sourced through our suppliers. Ingredients such as turmeric, fingerroot, nutmeg, tamarind, red ginger, quercus infectoria, parameriae cortex, guazumae folium, curcumae domestica, foeni graeci semen, amomi fructus, betel leaf, black pepper, and palm sugar are being used to brew our JAMU. 

What are the benefits?
Our current product is specially made for women. JAMU by Dana Safia is brewed with 12 ingredients that will activate many benefits, which include: improving brain function, providing anti-inflammatory compounds, boosting immune system, etc… Overall, it cleanses your whole inner system. 

What does it taste like?
Different people can experience the taste of jamu differently. Most customers who consume JAMU by Dana Safia regularly report that "it tastes refreshing and gives you a little boost in the morning."

How long does it last?
Currently, we are only selling JAMU by Dana Safia in a 1 litre bottle. It should last between 3 to 4 weeks – and the recommended dosage is 60ml to 80ml per day. 

How much is your delivery fee? 
Depending on your location, it varies from $5 to $20. Please do let us know your location so we can assist you further on the pricing.

How does your subscription work?
We will deliver a bottle to you every month for 3 months (i.e: 3 bottles) or 6 months (i.e: 6 bottles), depending on the subscription that you choose. Or we can deliver you a new bottle as soon as you finish your JAMU – don’t forget to send us a whatsapp +65 8127 5187 or email . This way, you won’t miss out on consuming the healthy goodness. We strongly believe in maintaining consistency with our high-quality product. 

A flat delivery fee applies: $20 for 3 months and $30 for 6 months

Do you sell the shot glass with the JAMU bottle?
At the moment, we are not selling the shot glass with the JAMU bottle. If you would like our shot glass, you may purchase our gift pack, which consists of our JAMU, our shot glass and soap in a beautiful woven sustainable seagrass basket.

How can I get the seagrass basket with my JAMU?
We offer two options for our customers, they are:
1 bottle JAMU at $20
1 bottle JAMU + Sustainable Seagrass Basket at $40

Can I drink JAMU by Dana Safia during my menstruation? 
Although, JAMU by Dana Safia regulates your menstrual cycle, we do not recommend women to consume our JAMU during their menstruation – mainly because some of the ingredients are extremely potent for your stomach during your period. 

Do I need to drink lots of water after drinking JAMU?
We do recommend everyone to always drink sufficient water to maintain their own overall health. Whether you are drinking our JAMU or any other type of herbal medicine, water intake is equally important. 

Is it safe for women who are trying to conceive to drink JAMU by Dana Safia? 
It is safe for women who are trying to conceive to drink JAMU by Dana Safia; however, we do recommend taking a small dosage of between 50ml to 60ml per day only. One of our ingredients, ‘manjakani’, is traditionally used to help women with womb issues. Do bear in mind that during pregnancy, women should stop consuming jamu or any other herbal medicine. 

Does JAMU by Dana Safia help with weight loss? 
Ingredients such as Nutmeg, Tamarind, Red Ginger, Amoni Frustus (Cardamon), and Piperis Folium are used to make JAMU by Dana Safia. These ingredients help to boost your metabolism, which helps you on your journey to lose weight.  A combination of JAMU with eating well and exercising regularly is highly recommended for losing weight. 

Can pregnant women drink JAMU by Dana Safia?
We do not recommend that pregnant women consume any jamu (including ours) as studies have shown that mothers who consume herbal medicine (such as jamu) during pregnancy have a seven times greater risk of giving birth to a baby with asphyxia.

We do, however, recommend consuming our JAMU postnatally as it facilitates breastfeeding, body recovery after childbirth, and cleansing of the internal organs (blood and womb).

Can post-natal women drink JAMU by Dana Safia?
Consuming JAMU by Dana Safia postnatally is recommended as it facilitates breastfeeding, body recovery after childbirth, and cleansing of the internal organs (blood and womb).

What if I have an allergic reaction after drinking JAMU by Dana Safia?
Although our product is made of natural and plant-based ingredients, it should still be consumed with care and only at the 60ml to 80ml per day dose we recommend. Some side effects have been associated with ingesting medicinal quantities of turmeric and allergic reactions are possible. Please consult a medical professional before taking higher amounts of turmeric and ginger if you have a pre-existing condition, or if you have any concerns about taking our JAMU.