About JAMU

The History of Jamu

First brewed on the island of Java, Indonesia , the name ‘Jamu’ is derived from the modern pronunciation of djamoe, meaning ‘prayer or remedy to improve health’. 

The brewing of medicinal herbs in Java can be traced back to the 11th century through reliefs and written manuscripts, making Jamu the only modern day medicine that can reasonably claim a one thousand year history. 

Today, the name refers to Javanese herbal medicine, and the drink itself is considered an important part of Indonesian heritage!

Making Jamu

The forests of Java - ranging in altitude from mangrove to mountainous rainforest - are the ideal environment to forage for many of Jamu’s ingredients. 

The exact process of making Jamu varies recipe by recipe, but the process involves crushed or mashed herbs/roots (like turmeric, ginger, galangal, kencur and cinnamon), a natural sweetener like brown/rock sugar or lime and other barks, seeds and flowers. 

Jamu recipes are passed down from generation to generation, and the exact ingredients for Jamu can differ by region and family recipe - each with their own specific set of health benefits.

Our Story

“I first launched JAMU by Dana Safia because people know it, but not about it... it’s my mission to educate the community around me, and re-introduce traditional Indonesian herbal remedies to the public." - Dana Safia, founder of JAMU by Dana Safia

With the smell of her nenek’s Jamu fresh in her mind, our founder Dana launched JAMU by Dana Safia to educate people on the power of Indonesian herbal remedies.

After achieving early success sharing her nenek’s recipe with friends and co-workers, she saw an opportunity to honour her family’s tradition, evangelise the powerful effects of Jamu and help people make healthier choices in the process - by increasing her batch size, launching the brand and enlisting the help of her Jamu converts to spread the news via word of mouth.

Now, Dana brews Jamu for hundreds of customers every month, and has expanded her product range to include male and female recipes

Ready to find out more about our approach to Jamu? Read through our Jamu FAQ page, or reach out to us through our official Facebook page and Instagram account.