One out of the 13 ingredients we use in our JAMU that benefit women more is the Parameria Laevigata, also known as Kayu Rapet.

by JAMU by Dana Safia

Did you know?

Parameria Laevigata known as Kayu Rapet contains flavonoid and polyphenol in its bark. 

Kayu rapet has been used especially in female medicine, and in much the same way as manjakani has been used. 

It is a medicinal herb known for its benefit and facilities the flow of menstruation - vaginal health purposes (especially healing tissues) as well as toning, strengthening, and tightening. 

Like manjakani, its original traditional purpose was primarily for postpartum uterine care. It helped heal hemorrhoids, anal-or rectal- tearing too. (Whether related to childbirth or not) 

Studies and historical texts support this use of kayu rapet  - plus, its astringent qualities have been used for vaginal tightening among women and to increase sexual pleasure. 

Jamu drinks have all sorts of healing and medicinal purposes, while some recipes focus on female health and vaginal tightening specifically. In our case, kayu rapet is definitely a chosen ingredient for you.

  • Healing properties after-birth
  • Reduces the process of aging
  • Prevent clogging of blood vessel
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Reduce cholesterol and fat in blood