Introducing to you, JAMU by DANA Safia

by JAMU by Dana Safia

JAMU by Dana Safia is a traditional herbal drink which is known to boost one’s immune system and maintain good health. It is also thought to have a host of health benefits including antioxidant, digestive, antiplatelet (decreases clotting), cholesterol lowering and anti-carcinogenic properties.

Our JAMU are all 100% natural with no preservatives, vegan, and suitable for daily consumption 🌿 and provides a wellness-focused drinking experience to all our customers that are looking to benefit all the health benefits from enhancing external beauty to encouraging a deeper sense of calm & relaxation 

It is recommended to consume on a daily basis [60ml to 80ml of the recommended dosage] to maintain a well-balanced inner being. 

Are you convinced yet by this miracle tonic?